How much alcohol is in a boozy popsicle?

What are alcoholic popsicles called?

Cutwater Spirits, a San Diego-based company known for their ready-to-enjoy canned cocktails, just launched a new adult-friendly product called Frozen Cocktail Spirit Pops to give us an alcoholic version of the classic frozen snack. (Yep, your favorite frozen childhood treat has made the journey to adulthood with you.)

How much alcohol is in a vodka popsicle?

The pops pack 8% alcohol but only 100 calories, and people are going wild for ’em all over again.

Do boozy popsicles get you drunk?

Enter alcoholic popsicles. Several brands have released boozy ice cream in the past, but the Germany–based discount supermarket chain Aldi just dropped their own version, called Gianni’s Alcoholic Ice Popsicles. The treats will actually get you tipsy, and they sound delicious.

What to add to alcohol to make it freeze?

Most home freezers are set for 0°F. This means, if you want your alcoholic beverage to freeze, you need to bring its alcohol-by-volume (abv) down to that sweet spot where the water in the bottle freezes and solidifies the alcohol along with it, rather than the two separating and turning into a slushie.

Do Claffey’s frozen cocktails get you drunk?

Made by Pennsylvania-based Claffey’s Frozen Cocktails, the popsicles come in six flavors: Cherry Lips, Punk Lemonade, Ice Blue, Modern Mango, Grab Apple, and Purple Party. At six-percent ABV, they’ll get you buzzed, but there’s no danger of an afternoon hangover if you decide to enjoy more than one.

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How much alcohol is in a truly pop?

Truly’s freeze pops are five percent ABV, so this will be right up your alley if you like hard lemonade and hard seltzer. Every box includes 12 freeze pops, four of each hard lemonade flavor: original, strawberry lemonade, and mango lemonade.

Do Kirkland vodka cocktails freeze?

The new Kirkland Signature Vodka Cocktails have arrived! These ready-to-freeze #CostcoFinds are 100 calories or less per pop. Our tip? Remove the pops from the container, then lay them flat to freeze.

How do you add vodka to freeze pops?

The adult-approved hack is quite straightforward. Just snip off the top plastic tip of your unfrozen ice pop with scissors, and pour out a bit of the liquid to make room for the hard stuff. Then, funnel in a shot or so of your favorite liquor, but not too much, so the concoction is still able to freeze.