Best answer: Are boardmasters on alcohol strict?

Can you take alcohol into boardmasters?

Please note that personal alcohol is not permitted to be brought into the Main Arena either from the campsite or the car park. Those with camping tickets can access the campsite as many times as required, but alcohol is only permitted on first entry (during ticket exchange).

Do they search your bag at boardmasters?

Please be aware that your bags may be checked when you enter the festival site. Ticket Holders agree, if asked, to provide proof of age and/or personal identification at the entrance gates or when being served alcohol during the event.

How much alcohol can you take to boardmasters?

Weekend campers aged 18 or over can bring in limited amounts and types of alcohol to the campsite. You are only permitted to bring either 12 cans of beer/lager and/or cider and/or alcopops per person OR 2 bottles of wine (which must be decanted from glass bottles) per person into the campsites.

Will boardmasters go ahead?

Boardmasters music festival is due to go ahead in August, organisers have said as they revealed the line-up. … The Government hopes to lift all remaining Covid restrictions by 21 June at the earliest, meaning larger events – like festivals – could go ahead.

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How much do Showers cost at boardmasters?

Showers: Free in VIP camping and £3 (cash only) in general camping (located in Campsite Village). Showers will be cleaned throughout the weekend. Please be aware that the queues can be long first thing in the morning.

What to know before going to boardmasters?

Eight Festival Survival Tips for Boardmasters

  • Get in the water and cool down. If it’s a scorcher (here’s hoping) grab a board and get in the water. …
  • Wear suncream. …
  • Stay hydrated. …
  • Don’t forget your sunnies. …
  • Bring some footwear OTHER than flip flops. …
  • Soak up the booze. …
  • Wear a bumbag. …
  • Bring a camping chair.

What time should I arrive at Boardmasters?

We’ll get you into our car parks as quick as we can. Peak arrival time will be 10-2pm on Wednesday 5 August.

Is Boardmasters safe for 16 year olds?

Persons’ aged 15 and under must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 years and above. The following age restrictions apply: 18 year olds can only accompany two under 16 year olds. 24 year olds can only accompany four under 16 year olds.