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Wine Review: Tesco Finest Saint Mont

One of the things I love about wine is its ability to evoke a memory. It could be from the smallest, most insignificant moment to a major event that has happened in your life. A simple sip will kick start your own personal memory drive. For me, in this case, Shrove Tuesday! You’ll see why in a bit.

This little gem from the Tesco Finest range is all about fresh lemon juice, just like you’d squeeze over your pancakes. I’m not saying you should splash this over your crepes, but if you run out of lemons, here’s a great alternative.

2012-06-19-SaintMontblancTescoFinest2010resize1.jpgTesco Finest Saint Mont Blanc comes from Southwest France, the Gers Department near the Midi Pyrenees. The grapes used may not be too familiar to you, Gros Manseng, Arrufia and Petit Courbu, but like a lot of winemakers from this part of France, they do like to produce from local varieties.

The aromas emit almost rich, sweet sugary notes dominated by pure lemon juice. The palate provides a blast of still lemonade backed up by recognisable lime and grapefruit characters. The acidity levels are kept in check by partial skin maceration, some of the juice has been kept in contact with the grape skins, and by maturing on fine lees, yeast cells, with regular lees stirring. Fermentation in steel tanks helps give the wine a nice, cool, fresh finish. Absolutely ideal for those warm summer evenings!

At £6.99 this wine is incredible value for money. You could happily sip this on its own or with salads, light spice dishes, Coronation Chicken and creamy pasta meals.

Magics rating 8 out of 10.

Review by Me!

Featured in Huffington Post UK Lifestyle section


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