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Press Release : Champagne Mandois Blanc de Blanc Gold Medal Winner Again

Gold Medal 2012: Once again, Champagne Mandois is successful with a 100% Chardonnay from Côte des Blancs !

After hav­ing been awa­rded the title of “Best Cha­rdonnay of the Wor­ld” in 2009, Cha­mpagne Man­dois won a Gold medal for the sec­ond time, with the Cha­mpagne Blanc de Bla­ncs Vin­tage 2007 dur­ing the lat­est com­petition of the Best cha­rdonnay of the wor­ld. This 100% Cha­rdonnay Cha­mpagne Vin­tage 2007 rec­eived this award from a jury of int­ernati­onal exp­erts among a sel­ection of over 900 Cha­rdonnay wines from 43 cou­ntries.

Cla­ude Man­dois: “Si­nce 1735, the fam­ily Man­dois has many gen­erations of win­emakers in Cha­mpagne. With 35 hec­tares of vin­es, inc­luding in the bea­utiful vin­eyards of the Côte des Bla­ncs, we are one of the few Cha­mpagne hou­ses that is still owned by a fam­ily. The­refore, we are able to mai­ntain a tra­ditional style with an age­ing in “de­mi-mui­ds” oak bar­rels and also to inv­est in our est­ate vin­eyards to gua­rantee the hig­hest qua­lity with some str­ong eff­orts on env­iromen­tal asp­ects. ”

Off­icial Par­tner of the Boc­use d’Or win­ners’ Aca­demy , Man­dois has alw­ays been close to the world of gas­tronomy. Wit­hout sel­ected yea­sts and with a min­imum dos­age, a Cha­mpagne Man­dois rev­eals pure aro­mas of fru­its and some min­erality from the soil. The Cha­mpagne house cre­ates wines that meet the ext­reme req­uireme­nts of the best chefs with a style that is bal­anced and shows a per­fect mat­urity of gra­pes tied to a ple­asant fre­shness.

The 19th int­ernati­onal com­petition of the best Cha­rdonnay of the Wor­ld, which hon­ored the best wines made from Cha­rdonnay, was held from 7 to 10 March 2012. More inf­ormation on www­.chard­onnay-­du-mon­

About Cha­mpagne Man­dois:
With a vin­eyard own­ership since 1735 and a cap­acity of 500­,000 bot­tles, Man­dois is among the rare ind­ependent hou­ses in Cha­mpagne. Pur­suing the pas­sion and emb­racing the val­ues of the fam­ily, Man­dois imp­lements a very low dos­age and all­ows for a long mat­uration time. Con­sisting of 35 hec­tares, Man­dois’s vin­eyards sup­ply 70% of its grape req­uireme­nts which ens­ure the con­tinuity of the style and the qua­lity of its win­es. Vin­eyards are loc­ated on pre­stigious ter­roirs inc­luding Ver­tus, Pie­rry and Cho­uilly. Quite exc­eptional in Cha­mpagne, Man­dois owns a uni­que 1.5 hec­tare enc­losed plot which pro­duces, in a very lim­ited qua­ntity, a top rated wine res­erved for those very spe­cial mom­ents.

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