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Harpers Beaujolais Trip Day 3. In brief.

Flew back home this evening after three pretty damn fine days of tasting, hence the graphics have reappeared at the top.

So, we were up early this morning to visit three wineries before we headed back home.

Domaine Nicolas Chemarin, AOC Beaujolais Villages.

Domaine Romain Jambon, AOC Brouilly.

Domaine de la Tour des Combes, AOC Beaujolais Villages.

Let’s just say we weren’t disappointed. The complexity of fruit and individuality shown amongst the 16 wines tasted just goes to cement what we have discovered over the last few days.

Let it be said that we need to re-educate the public on what it is that Beaujolais can do.

You won’t find any of the touring group have a bad word to say about the region. What’s more is due to the downfall of snow yesterday it gave us some of the most stunning scenery around.

Here’s a wee taster.

View of Mont Brouilly. Extinct Volcano.

The reason why the Moulin-a-Vent appellation is called Moulin-a-Vent.

View from outside Domaine Nicolas Chemarin

With the trip concluded, and a rather bumpy landing from our pilot, I felt a whole new appreciation for the region.

The producers were great, the food was superb, the company outstanding.

More importantly the wine was out of this world.

So take heed.

Get yourself down to your nearest wine store and start tasting Beaujolais.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Also don’t forget to keep an eye out for my write up plus Harpers feature in February’s edition of the magazine.

C'est tres magnifique.

2 comments on “Harpers Beaujolais Trip Day 3. In brief.

  1. Danjwood
    February 2, 2012

    You lucky bon vivant! Looks like a great trip despite the freeze over there. You would have needed hot chocolate or at least mulled wine to keep you warm between beaujolais tastings…


    • Magics Wine Guide and Reviews for Newbies.
      February 2, 2012

      Despite the cold it was stunning. Two of the vineyards today held the tastings in front of open fires. That was nice.
      Now all I have to do is write it all up. Could be a long piece.
      I don’t envy the journalists task who accompanied us. She has to write up a 1600 word piece including quotes from us, producers etc. I see my piece being at least 4000 words.
      I may do a separate page just for pictures. I took a lot, including all 69 wines we tried.


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