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Magics Blog Update. Classified Ad’s.

It’s about time I started to make this blog pay for itself.

So what I plan on doing is setting up a classifieds section.

For a small fee I will set up pages advertising your wines, wine promotions, wine affiliated products, educational courses etc.

Email me your logo’s, jpeg files, contact details, what it is you’d like to advertise.

At the same time I will be running a separate page for job vacancies.

Now the beauty about writing a blog is I’m not limiting this to people based in the UK. I have people popping in from all around the world. So it doesn’t matter where you are, you can advertise. 

All ad’s will be posted on a monthly basis. 

Job vacancies will be live for two weeks, or up to the employers cut off date. 

If you are interested then please email me,


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