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Interview with Jo Sorenson. Brand Manager, Grupo Codorniu UK.

Grupo Codorniu are the UK suppliers of Codorniu Cava’s, Raimat, Septima wines, to name a few.

I’m delighted that Jo Sorenson, Brand Manager at Codorniu has offered up her views.

Here’s what she had to say…. 




1- Name?

Jo Sorenson

2- Occupation?

Brand Manager, Codorníu

3- How did you get into wine?

I had worked in Marketing for Starbucks Coffee for 5 years and on returning to the UK (from Holland) and job hunting, I saw an ad for my current role in the local paper. I thought to myself:wine/coffee – surely they are not that different are they?’ Fortunately, Codorníu felt the same and took a chance on me.

4- What is your favourite grape?

I don’t really hold with the favourite grape question. It’s more about where it comes from and what’s been done with it. Having said that, Pinot Noir does frequently pop up in my repertoire –it all its guises.

5- What is your favourite wine?

Anna de Codorníu Brut. It’s just too damm easy to drink!

6- Do you have a country of preference?

I would probably get shot if I didn’t say Spain……., but in reality if I had to choose, it would have to be England, just to be patriotic and more importantly to salute the fantastic work that is going on with English Sparkling wines right now.

7- How do you enjoy wine? With food, on its own, social etc.

All of the above…..

8- What influences your wine choices? Price, occasion, season etc.

Probably occasion first and then price. It’s generally according to what mood I’m in and what I am planning. Then I generally have a price range in my head, which will also usually be dictated by the occasion.

9- Champagne. Overpriced in the current climate?

Can I plead the fifth amendment on that one?……

10- How do you think sparkling wines now fair against them?

I think it’s good that consumers have such a breadth of choice now when it comes to sparkling wines. That penetration, whereby consumers now feel comfortable popping a cork any night of the week, is good for all sparkling wine producers, irrespective of price. As a consequence, I believe the quality of sparkling wines has improved enormously.

11- Are boutique wineries the way forward?

I think there is room for everyone and consumers want small and large scale in equal measure. Certainly in sparkling wines, I am yet to be convinced that ‘small is beautiful’ – with non vintage fizz, consistency is the most important thing, which can only come with scale.

12- Do you think retailers do enough to educate the public on wine? I don’t mean health wise.

It saddens me to stand in a wine aisle and see consumers buying solely on price. As a marketer, it just makes my heart sink. However, I do think the general public is a lot better educated on wine than at any time in the past. I don’t remember there being so many consumer wine fairs, shows and tastings as you see nowadays. Particularly in London, there seems to be an insatiable thirst for wine knowledge and I don’t see it is only the retailer’s job to fulfil that need. Producers are the most passionate about their products, so it’s down to us to pass that passion and knowledge on.

13- What do you think the wine industry needs to improve on?


14- Which wines, countries or regions do you think are worth keeping an eye on for the future?

England for our sparkling wine. Spain for its new generation of winemakers who are challenging the status quo.

15- What tips do you have to anyone looking at getting into the wine trade?

Don’t think that just because you have not worked in wine so far, it excludes you. People with relevant skills brought over from other industries are the ones that will keep challenging the industry the most in the years to come.

16- What is the best thing, for you, about wine?

I love to think about how many hands it passes through on the journey from seed to glass. Anything that has so many people caring about it deserves our respect.

17- If you were a wine, which one would you be?

Definitely a sparkling wine. But only a Traditional Method one, as they hold the bubbles the longest!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Thank you Jo.

For more information and wines by Codorniu please click on the link below. 

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