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Grasshopper Rock Pinot Noir 2009

 Grasshopper Rock 2009

Central Otago – New Zealand

Grape Variety – Pinot Noir

ABV – 14.1%

Clean, pale purple colour. Intense blackcurrant, raspberry aromas. Palate matches the nose, blackcurrant, some vegetal notes. Short tannins and with good acidity. Dry, medium body with good, long length.

Honest opinion, without using harsh language, good god this wine is good. Not just good but bloody great. Is bloody really a harsh word?

What else can I say that can best describe this wine without being to pretentious?

From nose to palate it evokes so many memories from my childhood. My Nan used to make jam and it was the first thing I thought of when I inhaled. Intense redcurrant, blackcurrant aromas and blackcurrant palate. Don’t just take my word for it…buy it.

I am truly stunned by this wine. Class all the way through.

A great advert for what Pinot Noir can do.

Drink on its own or with lamb and cranberry. Actually, sod the food. Just drink it on its own.

To read my interview with Phil Handford, MD and winemaker for Grasshopper Rock, click the link below.

Available from Naked wines. 2008 vintage £17.49.

Buy wines online from Naked Wines

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