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Interview with Laura Weiss. Fork Lift Driver.

I’ve set up two sets of questions.

One for the General Public and the

other for Wine Professionals.

Let’s see what they have to say….

General Public.

1- Name? Laura Weiss.

2- Occupation? LTO/MOTC. 

3- What is your favourite grape? It doesn’t matter I just love grapes.

4- What is your favourite wine? I like the Dessert Wines the best.

5- Are you a fan of Champagne or Sparkling wines? Oh yes those are oooooh so good.

6- Do you have a country of preference? Not really but after living with Italians for a while I’ve been known to lean more towards that countries wines. 

7- How do you enjoy wine? With food, on it’s own, social etc. I like it on it’s own the most, but I am a social drinker, not into being a “wino”.

8- What influences your wine choices? Price, occasion, season etc. Price doesn’t matter, occasion depends on what is being celebrated and seasons don’t matter. 

9- How much do you roughly spend on a bottle of wine? The most I’ve ever spent was around $100, sometimes I feel like the cheap stuff because I like it also.

10- Do you think retailers do enough to educate the public on wine? I don’t mean health wise. N/A

11- How would you describe your own level of wine knowledge? I don’t know much at all other than its so much better than other alcoholic beverages.

12- Would you like to know more? I’ve been learning a lot by reading your blog. 

13- What is the best thing, for you, about wine?  I don’t really have a best thing, I just like it, it’s tasty and smooth.

14- Are you a wine ‘Buff’ or a wine ‘Scruff?’ More of a scruff.

Thank you Laura.

If I ever find myself in Springfield, Missouri, I’m buying you a drink. Your answer to question 12 is pure class.

Nice to be receiving comments from around the globe.

If you’re a member of the public, or wine professional, and would like to take part then let me know. Leave me your details and I’ll email you the relevant questions.

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