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Interview with Paula, Holistic Therapist.

I’ve set up two sets of questions.

One for the General Public and the

other for Wine Professionals.

Let’s see what they have to say….

General Public.

1- Name? Paula.

Paula. Infinity Holistic.

2- Occupation? Holistic Therapist.

3- What is your favourite grape? Any.

4- What is your favourite wine? Gallo.

5- Are you a fan of Champagne or Sparkling wines? No, I prefer dry.

6- Do you have a country of preference? Nope, Australia or California if I’m pushed but I dont mind really.

7- How do you enjoy wine? With food, on it’s own, social etc. Social.

8- What influences your wine choices? Price, occasion, season etc. Taste, I dont like anything woody, has to be fruity.

9- How much do you roughly spend on a bottle of wine? £5-£8.

10- Do you think retailers do enough to educate the public on wine? I don’t mean health wise. Apparantly not as I dont seem to know much about what I drink other than there is alcohol in it!!!

11- How would you describe your own level of wine knowledge? Totally ignorant.

12- Would you like to know more? Honestly, I wouldn’t be bothered either way.

13- What is the best thing, for you, about wine? Relaxing with friends and the chatter and laughs.

14- Are you a wine ‘Buff’ or a wine ‘Scruff?’ SCRUFF ‘n’ proud hahaha. 

Thank you Paula.

If you’re a member of the public, or  wine professional, and would like to take part then let me know. Leave me your details and I’ll email you the relevant questions.

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