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The Black Shiraz

The Black Shiraz

Berton Vineyards The Black Shiraz

South Eastern Australia

Grape Variety – Shiraz

ABV 14.5%

Deep, dark purple colour. Aromas of rich blackcurrant, cassis. On the palate lovely primary fruit of blackcurrant with some dark, bitter chocolate. A touch of spice and some earthy, greenery on the back of the palate. Full bodied with some good acidity and good length.

I first tried this wine several years ago and thought it was exceptional then. So to go back to it after all these years was like revisiting an old friend that I had lost contact with. It is still an exceptional wine and we had a good time reminiscing. I’ve met the wine maker Bob Berton, a few times and his passion for wine making always comes through with this bottle. I told him of my sincere appreciation of his wines and would love to come out one year to work a vintage. His reply, in his calm, soft voice ‘As long as you don’t mind being treated like a slave? Come on out.’ Deal I thought. Then after the show he saw me and my colleagues in the bar and bought us a round. Good man. The wine has deep, brooding colour, almost black. The fruit just lingers on your palate with some spice and once it disappears the earthiness pops up briefly. This wine is, and always will be a cracking number.

Drink this on its own or with big meaty dishes.

£10.29 at North and South Wines.

Supplier Hallgartendruitt.

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