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The Winery of Good Hope Chenin Blanc

The Winery of Good Hope Chenin Blanc

The Winery of Good Hope Chenin Blanc 2009

Stellenbosch – South Africa

Grape Variety – Chenin Blanc

ABV 12.5%

Pale lemon, green colour. Good rich tropical aromas. The palate is dry, young and green, slightly bitter with some citrus fruit, very acidic. Finishes with decent length and diminishing fruit.

A bit of an enigma this wine. You get your nose in the glass and you’re met with these lovely aromas of tropical stone fruit. But, as soon as you taste it those aromas are replaced by a mouthful of acid. Once you get passed this the wine becomes much easier to drink. The fruit does dies away quite quickly at the end though, leaving you palate to cope with the over abundance of acidity. I Will be interested to go back to this wine in a few months to see how much it would have calmed down by.

Potentially it’s a decent enough wine but for now it’s just a bit too green and raw.

Drink on its own or with light, spicy dishes or dressed salads.

£7.49 from North and South Wines.

Supplier Cave de Pyrene.

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