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The Natural Wine Fair May 15-17 2011.

The Natural Wine Fair

This will be a busy week for all in the wine trade.

We kick of the week with the Natural Wine Fair at Borough Market, London.

This fair is the brainchild of THAT CRAZY FRENCH WOMAN (aka Isabelle Legeron MW) and five natural wine importers who, between them, represent dozens of different natural wine producers here in the UK. This fair is all about trying to get natural wines out there for everyone to taste.

120 growers are attending and will be over in the UK for the 15, 16 and 17 May this year, complete with 500 of their wines.

There will also be a series of events and talks by keynote speakers in the natural wine field.

How much is a ticket? £18.
What do I get with that? You’ll get a catalogue, a tasting glass you can keep when you go home,
the chance to try some 500 natural wines, hear great talks and meet gorgeous people along the way.
Once inside do I have to pay for anything? Once you’re in all the wines are free and you can taste
as many as you like. You might want to bring some cash with you though because we’re going to
have great artisan foodstalls there as well.
Will I be able to buy wine at the Fair? Unfortunately not. This Fair is a ‘come and taste’ not a ‘come
and buy’. But your catalogue will have all sorts of details of how you can get hold of them.
Is my ticket refundable? Unfortunately it’s not but if you can’t make it at the last minute, give it to a
friend instead. They’ll have a whale of a time!
To purchase your ticket please pay a visit to the website below.

Happy tasting.

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